Designing the Spinblock App


Spinblock, a table tennis club located in Indianapolis, Indiana has a large amount of players and coaches that attend on a regular basis, but scheduling lessons and signing up to attend a drop-in session is sometimes complicated and confusing for players. This project aimed to address those concerns and create a potential platform for players and coaches to interact with each other as well as sign up for daily drop-in sessions, as well as see upcoming events at the club all in one place.


June 2020 (3 weeks)


Visual Design

The Problem

Currently there is no platform for players and coaches to interact with one another, schedule lessons, and see upcoming events at Spinblock, resulting in confusion and disorganization. How can coaches and players feel more connected and make the process for signing up for a lesson more streamlined?

The Solution

This app aims to connect players and coaches at Spinblock, allow for a transparent, streamlined process of signing up for a lesson, and allow for communication amongst the community at Spinblock.


I spent half the duration of this project defining the problem space, interviewing target users, as well as doing some investigation into current products that fill similar needs.

User Persona

Current Journey

User Flow

User Interviews and Analysis

Prototype and Takeaways

After creating a wireframe in Figma from sketching on paper, I made a high fidelity prototype of the main screens needed for the problem space. Interactions were then evaluated with users.


I learned a lot from this project, and I can definitely see the benefit of interviews and research when ideating and creating. Going forward, I would create more screens to develop the full prototype with every interaction, and just from evaluating from the wireframe to high fidelity I made a lot of changes which are summarized below.