Header image of Fyscal UI screens, with dashboard and home page view.

Fyscal Internship


At Fyscal, a financial education startup, I was in charge of creating their student and admin dashboard, home, about, pricing, user flows, research, and graphics to be prepared for development in the future.


August 2020 - January 2021 (6 months)


Visual Design

The Problem

High School textbooks have the problem of being often overpriced, hardly used, and make learning one-sided. Financial illiteracy is a large problem and access to affordable financial education is hard to come by.

The Solution

Fyscal intends on replacing textbook-based learning with an interactive website that gives both the teacher and students the ability to customize the learning process for a lower price than an average textbook.

An image of a monitor with Fyscal student dashboard displayed.


I spent a large duration of the project conducting research and sketching different ideas for the student dashboard views, as well as collaborating with the team to hear about insights they gained in their research and how to implement the findings and goals in design.

Basic Wireframe and Color Ideation

An image of a UI screen with different wireframes and color choice options, black background.

Ideation Sketches

Prototype and Takeaways

Due to the nature of the project, I can't show a lot of the process; but zoom meetings were held throughout the process in evaluating sketches, research, and creating deliverables for presentation. The prototype is a work in progress. I learned a lot through this experience about ideation, collaboration, and creating with different user needs in mind.

An image of a UI screen for Fyscal's home page, with several sections.


I learned a lot from this project, and I can definitely see the benefit of interviews and research when ideating and creating. Going forward, I would create more screens to develop the full prototype with every interaction, and just from evaluating from the wireframe to high fidelity I made a lot of changes which are summarized below.

An image of a UI screen of a student Fyscal dashboard.